How to Obtain a Free PayPal Gift Card [100% Working]


PayPal gift cards are a great way to access online purchases and make secure transactions. While PayPal gift cards are typically purchased, there are legitimate methods to acquire them for free. In this article, we will explore some tried-and-tested techniques that can help you obtain a free PayPal gift card.

1. Online Rewards Programs:

Several websites and online rewards programs offer users the opportunity to earn points or cashback that can be redeemed for various gift cards, including PayPal. These platforms often provide tasks such as completing surveys, watching videos, playing games, or signing up for promotional offers. By accumulating enough points or cashback, you can redeem them for a PayPal gift card.

2. GPT (Get-Paid-To) Websites:

GPT websites are similar to online rewards programs, but they provide a wider range of earning opportunities. Users can earn points or cash by completing various online tasks like surveys, offers, micro-tasks, and even referring friends. By actively participating in these platforms, you can accumulate rewards that can be exchanged for a PayPal gift card.

3. Cashback Apps:

Several mobile apps offer cashback or rewards for online shopping. These apps partner with various retailers, and when you make purchases through their links or using their codes, you earn a percentage of cashback. Some of these apps allow you to convert your earned cashback into PayPal gift cards, providing you with a free way to obtain them.

4.Social Media Contests and Giveaways:

Pay attention to social media platforms, as many companies and influencers frequently hold contests or giveaways that include PayPal gift cards as prizes. Follow brands, influencers, and websites that frequently run such promotions. Participating in these contests may offer a chance to win a PayPal gift card without spending any money.

5.Referral Programs:

Some online services or apps have referral programs that reward you for referring friends or new users to their platforms. By sharing your referral link or code, and when someone signs up or completes a specific action, you earn rewards. These rewards can be converted into a PayPal gift card, providing a free way to obtain one.

6.Online Surveys:

Various market research companies conduct online surveys to gather consumer opinions. By participating in these surveys, you can earn points or cash that can be redeemed for PayPal gift cards. Look for legitimate survey websites and register as a participant to start earning rewards.


While acquiring a free PayPal gift card may require some time and effort, it is indeed possible through legitimate means. Engaging with online rewards programs, GPT websites, cashback apps, social media contests, referral programs, and online surveys are all viable ways to accumulate points or cashback that can be redeemed for a PayPal gift card. Always ensure that you use reputable platforms and websites, and be wary of any scams or illegitimate offers.


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